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Recent news

  • Mar 13 2006, level 3.5.9: INDEX.EXE much improved. Usability extended until Jun 2006.
  • Dec 10 2005, level 3.5.8: Fixed a bug in VERZERR. No changes to the BGMN related programs.

For less recent news, see the BGMN history.

If you prefer receiving an offline copy of this site on CD-ROM: Please mail to me.

There is a DEMO version of BGMN/BGMNwin available on this site, the only restriction: maximum pattern length of 1001 data points. Like common for shareware, you may check out the DEMO version prior to pay for the full or academic version.

An academic version of BGMN/BGMNwin is available.

You can purchase the full version of BGMN at GE Inspection Technologies GmbH (formerly AGFA NDT Pantak Seifert resp. Rich. Seifert & Co). You can also ask for AUTOQUAN, a more commercial graphical user interface (GUI) specialized to the common task of quantitative analysis. Please send a letter (or fax) to

GE Inspection Technologies GmbH
Abteilung Analytik
Postfach 1280
D-22902 Ahrensburg

Fax: +49 (0) 4102 807 273

or an email to


Dr. J. Bergmann, Ludwig-Renn-Allee 14, D-01217 Dresden, Germany,
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