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Tutorials and Examples

LMGP suite for Windows by Jean Laugier and Bernard Bochu

(Laboratoire des Materiaux et du Génie Physique de l'Ecole Supérieure de Physique de Grenoble http://www.inpg.fr/LMGP/)

Basic Demonstration of DISPANO Anomalous Scattering factor display software

The CCP14 Homepage is at http://www.ccp14.ac.uk

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DISPANO is very simple to use and is obtained from the LMGP program suite site at http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp/web-mirrors/lmgp-laugier-bochu/.

Running DISPANO gives the following screen:

  • Dispano Starting Screen

  • Click on the data type you wish to display (Brenann and Cowan or Sasaki data) and click on the Element(s) (one or two) that you wish to display and press the DRAW icon; in this case Fe and Ti. Using the mouse to scroll up and down the Energy/Wavelength axis gives the Wavelength, Energy, f',f'' results in the bottom result boxes. It is possible to zoom the screen by doing a click and drag with the mouse.

  • Displano displaying f' f'' data for Mn

  • To obtain f' and f'' for an exact value, type the requested Wavelength or Energy into the top right dialog boxes and press [ENTER] to calculate f' and f''.

  • Inputting an Energy or Wavelength and getting a resulting f' f''

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