Java applications


Project 1:  JWEISS (not for public)
Project 2:  JSV 1.07 
Project 3:  XRDL 
Project 4:  IPF (not for public)
Project 5:  JOR (not for public)
Project 6:  IPC (not for public)
Project 7:  JShape 
Project 8:  JWulff 
Project 9: JCrystal
Project 10: IPR/IPC (not for public)
Project 11: JMap3D
Project 12: JZB
Project 13: Centroid


In contrast to my applets, which run within a webbrowser these JAVA programs are stand-alone applications, which do not run in a browser. Instead a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) must be installed on the computer. This is freely available in form of the JDK (Java Development Kit) by Sun Microsystems.


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