crystal shape editor/viewer

© Steffen Weber 1999

This is a stand-alone application. It requires a Java2 interpreter, such as the JDK1.2 by ©Sun Microsystems

This program has many improvements over my DOS program XRShape and the JShape applet/application (so forget about those). It works much more reliable and in my experience it does not crash. JCrystal does not run within a webbrowser but needs a Java interpreter (JDK1.2) to be installed, which can be downloaded from http://www.javasoft.com .

JCrystal produces Vrml, Html, Gif and PostScript output. You should install the free software GhostView with GhostScript to be able to view and print the PostScript files. If you installed the JAVA3D classes (separate from JDK1.2) you may also view the generated VRML files wthout another VRML viewer.

The complementary applet version is JCrystalApplet, which you can see on my crystal gallery pages. Here on top that applet runs in a demo mode, whereby interactive control is switched off.

Main Window. Here face no.18 is selected and its central distance modified using the slider.

This form selector lets you input a form {hkl} for generating the list of equivalent planes (hkl).

main features
  • requires JDK1.2
  • SWING user interface
  • direct printing support under Windows/Solaris (raster image)
  • output of PostSript and GIF (GIF routine by Jef Poskanzer, www.acme.com)
  • easy to use interface
  • generate hkl lists from forms or input manually
  • real time rotation (with mouse or keyboard or animation)
  • 5 display modes (shaded, custom colors, wire frame, anaglyph, vertices only)
  • indices, face numbers, vertex numbers may be switched on/off
  • select faces and use slider to modify the shape interactively
  • editor and sliders can be switched on/off
  • allows twinned crystals (working on that now)
  • extra JAVA3D window for viewing VRML (needs JAVA3D to be installed)
  • exports VRML2.0 files
  • exports HTML files for the JCrystalApplet
  • comes with JCrystalApplet for adding shapes to your homepage
how to obtain JCrystal

Unlike my other software JCrystal is not free. I ask for a fee of 60 US$, which can be transferred by money order whereafter I send you the file by email or on a floppy disk. As soon as the official release is available I will post an order form in this page. By purchasing JCrystal you obtain a twelve months right for free upgrades.