This page lets you keep your X-Seed system up to date.

X-Seed is constantly being improved. However, a new release in the form of a full installation program will only be made available after enough updates have accumulated to warrant a new version number. The current version number is 1.4.

In the mean time, when minor updates are made to individual programs or files, the new files will be posted here, along with a short note regarding the changes.

To update your installation, download the specified program or file and overwrite the one currently residing in your installation folder.

October 2, 2002:



Revived CSD "Annotations". This dialog box used to utilize the JNL file saved by the old version of QUEST. CONQUEST doesn't write a JNL file. In order for X-Seed to display bibliographic information, you need to save a name.TSV file ("File" > "Export Entries As" > "Tab Separated List") as well as name.DAT using CONQUEST.

October 1, 2002:


More robust reading of CSD FDAT files (by the way, the problems you may have encountered thus far with many CSD entries stem from the CSD, not X-Seed. The CSD doesn't always stick to its own specifications when exporting FDAT files. It is supposed to use only 36 characters to specify all three unit cell angles, but sometimes this limit is exceeded. X-Seed will now attempt to compensate for this.


Moved "Show POV Colors" checkbox from Display Settings control panel to POV-Ray control panel. It seems more logical that it should be here.


Added option to show wireframe model using thick lines. See "Thick Bonds" checkbox on Display Settings control panel. X-Seed will "remember" this setting when you exit.