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WinMProf: a visual Rietveld Software

Contact: Alain Jouanneaux

Last update: 21/6/01

WinMProf is a Windows 9x/NT based program developed in combined Visual C++ and Visual Fortran. WinMProf is both a general GUI for MPROF Rietveld profile refinement program and a viewing software for experimental and calculated powder diffraction patterns. It can also be used as GUI for other associated programs (Fourier difference, bond distances calculation). WinMProf has all the features of a conventional Windows application using the mouse to select menus, tools in the toolbar, to resize and to move windows etc...

The actual MPROF version is extensive modification of the initial MPREP/MPROF routines by Murray & Fitch (1989). Numerous modifications have been made for more flexibility, easy-to-use and better performances. In particular, MPROF works now in a single step, without need of the MPREP preparation stage, which is directly included in the new version (this preparation stage is now transparent for the user). New options, corrections, peak-shape functions have been added. MPROF can be used to refine conventional X-rays, synchrotron, neutron (nuclear and/or magnetic) powder diffraction data collected at constant wavelength.

Some of the MPROF features are :

Several formats for experimental diffraction data.
Up to 3 phases can be refined simultaneously.
Quantitative Phase Analysis.
Le Bail decomposition method implemented.
The background can be fixed, refined or adjusted by Fourier filtering.
Several choices of peak-shape function for each phase.
Phenomenological Stephens model of anisotropic peak broadening implemented.
Qualitative account for anisotropic broadening (FWHM and shape).
Absorption (and micro-absorption) correction available for various geometries.
Asymmetry correction (Finger Cox and Jephcoat, and Howard formalisms).
Refinement of data collected with either Fixed or Variable Divergence Slits (FDS or VDS mode).
Chemical slack constraints and strict constraints.
Bond distances and angles calculation.
Output files can be produced for various other programs (SHELX, SIRPOW, STRUVIR, WINSTRUPLO, WINPLOTR, GFOUR ...)

A. Jouanneaux: WinMProf : a visual Rietveld software. International Union of Crystallography Newsletter "Commission on Powder Diffraction", 21, 1999, 13. Article

How to Get:

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Then download freely the zip archive WinMProf 1.2, its readme file for instructions and news about WinMProf, and the WinMProf manual.

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