Java applets


Project 1:  Stereograms 
stereographic projections on to a Wulff net (crystals)
Project 2:  Stereograms for QCs 
stereographic projections on to a Wulff net (quasicrystals) - test
Project 3:  Atomic Formfactor Curves 
X-ray formfactor curves
Project 4:  Quasiperiodic Tilings 
Dual method tiling generator for coloured rhombic tilings
Project 5:  Lauegrams 
Laue diffraction patterns for crystals
Project 6:  Lauegrams for QCs 
Laue diffraction patterns for quasicrystals - test
Project 7:  Cell Calculator 
calculate direct or reciprocal cell dimensions
Project 8:  JFourier1
calculates Fourier transforms of arbitrary point sets
Project 9:  Fibonacci Chain 
the Fibonacci chain as analogon to a 1-dimensional "quasicrystal"
Project 10:  Rietveld Plot (JRSDP) 
powder diffraction difference plot viewer for RIETAN's IGOR files
Project 11:  Colour Picker 
get RGB, RGB hex and HSB values of a selected colour
Project 12:  Point Group Polyhedra 
generates crystallographic polyhedra from point group symmetries and displays them in 3D
Project 13:  Periodic Table 
periodic table, which shows selected properties for all elements as a graph
Project 14:  Lin.Absorbtion Coefficient 
calculate linear X-ray absorbtion coefficients for crystals and quasicrystals
Project 15:  Structure Viewer 
generates atom positions using space groups and displays structure in 3D
Project 16:  Crystal Shape Viewer 
calculates a crystal shape from hkl list and displays it in 3D
Project 17:  Rotating Letters 
logo applet: takes letters as parameters and renders them as rotating letters
Project 18:  Matrix Inverter 
6x6 matrix inversion tool
Project 19:  JCell 
3D unit cell / vector visualizer for interactive manipulation
Project 20:  JSphere 
X-ray absorbtion on a spherical crystal sample
Project 21:  Moirée "holograms" 
Moirée analogon of holograms using line grids for a reference wave.
Project 22: JWallpaper patterns
draws wallpaper-like patterns from a given motif and symmetry (plane space group)
Project 23: JFourier2
calculates Fourier transforms of periodic point sets
Project 24: JFourier3
calculates Fourier transforms of quasiperiodic point sets
Project 25:  JCrystalApplet
crystal shape gallery


I highly recommend to use Microsoft Internet Explorer for Java applets! In Netscape the user interface often does not look the way it is supposed to and sometimes sliders and other components show a very irradic behaviour. Also sometimes applets don't start at all or hang up and so on....

The diffraction patterns and stereograms for non-icosahedral quasicrystal lattices along general directions are not necessarily symmetrical. This is due to the usage of a simple loop to generate the indices. The implementation of search routines for all the equivalent reflections/poles might be too time consuming for an applet. 


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