MS-DOS software

1. Polyhedra 

download (92Kb)
2. Tiling1.2

download (90Kb)
3. VSV

download (188Kb)
4. Periodic Table

download (66Kb)
5. Koqua2.2 

download (218Kb) 
6. 2D-Plot

download (111Kb)
7. Stereograms

download (139Kb)
8. FourierTransform

download (113Kb)
9. XRShape 

download (64Kb)
10. XRSV

download (227Kb)
11. RSDP 1.2

download (681Kb)
12. Plane-Groups

download (60Kb) 
13. XRDIFF 1.1

download (204Kb) 

15. MorseCode

16. Deca-Zonax

download (79Kb) 




Program does not run under WINDOWS?:
Try the following. Right-mouse-click at the program's name and choose the PROPERTIES menu. Go to the Program tab and choose Advanced then check the checkbox that says "Prevent MS-DOS based programs from detecting Windows". Then it should work.
setup for WINDOWS NT !!!
In order to make my programs run under WinNT even with the correct mouse cursor do the following steps:  
1. right-mouse click  at the program name (*.exe) and select Properties from the menu
2. choose Program tab
3. click Windows_NT button
4. check box labelled  Compatible Timer Hardware Emulation 
note on PS-files: 
PostScript files can be viewed with the PublicDomain Software GHOSTSCRIPT, best in connection with GHOSTVIEW FOR WINDOWS.GHOSTVIEW FOR WINDOWS also allows you to export the graphics as a *.GIF or *.BMP image. You can also use CorelDraw5.0 to import PS files (option: "interpreted") and print them. On UNIX-Workstations you may use ISLANDDRAW to import and edit PS-files.
When I started programming XRSV and XRDIFF I had taken many inspirations from the DOS software PowderCell. I also chose the same input file format and the example files included in XRSV/XRDIFF are from PowderCell. Now there is a new WINDOWS version of PowderCell available. Please check it out. 
Other software projects 
I have moved !!
I have left Japan. These pages will not be updated! Please visit my new website and update your bookmarks.

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