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cu-pols.gif (2053 bytes) If you are interested in Rietveld/Diffraction/Reflectivity, try the latest version (2.0, 7/9/2005) of the MAUD program.
cellrot.gif (7959 bytes) Also available for downloading is the old Rietquan 2.3 program for quantitative analysis of crystalline and amorph phases using the Rietveld method. No more supported, please use the new MAUD program instead.
UDFtoRef Reflectivity:

A java utility to translate more UDF (Philips) files in a format suitable to be analysed by reflectivity programs. 

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ESQUI project Diffraction & Reflectivity:

The EU project ESQUI main page 

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Here you will find my curriculum and actual list of publications; some are availables on line.

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Covering: Mac and MacOS L&F for the Swing


Tecnologie e Sistemi di Lavorazione 1

Materiali innovativi per l'ingegneria civile: compositi e SMA

Laboratorio di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali

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