JCrystalSoft, 2005-2006

We create crystallographic software for educational and research purposes. Below is a line-up of our current products, some of which can be downloaded freely. 


JCrystal is a computer program for creating, editing, displaying and deploying crystal shapes. It also includes the JCrystalApplet for exporting interactive webpages.


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Nanotube Modeler
Nanotube Modeler is a program for generating xyz-coordinates for Nanotubes and Nanocones. 


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WinWULFF is a program for plotting stereographic projections of (hkl) and [uvw] onto a Wulff-net or polar net. 


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Kossel is a computer program for simulating Kossel patterns and Kikuchi patterns for periodic crystals.


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QuaRef is a computer program for generation lists of reflections for dihedral (octagonal, decagonal, dodecagonal) and icosahedral quasicrystals. 


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JCrystalSoft, 2006  E-mail: jcrystalsoft@gmail.com