Crystal Shape Editor/Viewer

JCrystalSoft, 2005

Screen shots 1: - Main Window

1. (hkl) List editor

The editor lets you specify the faces of the crystal, their color and their central distance. It also lets you select individual faces, so that you may change their distance with a slider. The change in the crystal's shape can be seen in real time.  

2. File browser

The file browser lets you specify favorite folders and lets you browse other directories on your harddisk. You may then load the input file with a double-click, the "Enter" key or the "open" button.   

3. Option tab 

Here you may select between solid or gradient background colors, a background image, crystal transparency, perspective factor and if a shadow should be drawn. 


4. Wulff-net monitor

The Wulff-net displays the stereographic projection for the displayed crystal. It is synchronized to the crystals rotation. Color coding helps you identify the poles for the individual faces. 

5. Photo link option 

This tab allows you to link a photo to a crystal shape you have created. You may also add some notes in the given text area.

Note: JCrystal does not provide any photos. You may however download some from the websites, which are listed in the "Internet-links" menu 

6. HTML creation dialog

This dialog lets you specify the applets dimensions  and background color/image. 

7. Line drawing mode

This shows a view, where the editor panel is switched off and the crystal is shown in a line drawings mode.



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JCrystalSoft, 2005